What’s Next For Small Business Email Marketing – Forbes

I recently asked John Orlando, CMO at email marketing platform Constant Contact parent company Endurance International Group, for his take on what’s been happening.

Paul Talbot: The ‘Shop Local’ movement has enjoyed momentum over the past few years… how has this been impacted by the pandemic, and what can a business do to maintain the strength of this shop local tailwind in an online environment?

John Orlando: The pandemic has undoubtedly pushed shoppers online, but they aren’t ready to give up on buying from small businesses in the process.

That includes adding ecommerce stores to their websites to reach more customers, deepening their email and social media marketing strategies and embracing more of a digital-first business model.

Small businesses can also be more nimble than larger retailers, and that flexibility is a major asset when it comes to finding creative alternatives to speed and price.

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