New tremors in Croatia spark fear after last week’s earthquake – General news – ANSAMed – ANSAmed

New tremors early on Monday were registered in the areas of Croatia hit by a 6.4-magnitude quake on December 29.

As reported by local media, a 4.2-magnitude earthquake was recorded at 7:49 with epicenter not far from Petrinja, the town 50 km southeast of Zagreb that was partially destroyed by an earthquake a week ago.

The quake sparked fresh terror among residents and was clearly felt across an area including Sisak, Glina, Majske Poljane, until Zagreb, Banja Luka and also in the north of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Previously, another 3.5-magnitute tremor was recorded at 4:20 am with epicenter around Petrinja.

In the region affected by the earthquake – where seven people were reported dead and 30 wounded – operations to assist the population affected and remove the debris are underway.

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