Media Startup Punchbowl News Launches Podcast As D.C. Spotlight Shifts To Capitol – Deadline

What distinguishes their content is the focus on the congressional beat (Punchbowl is the Secret Service nickname for the Capitol), which they covered for more than a decade, the past four years as authors of the “Politico Playbook” newsletter and in 2019 as the authors of the best seller The Hill to Die On: The Battle for Congress and the Future of Trump’s America.

DEADLINE: We’re more than three weeks out from the Capitol siege.

JAKE SHERMAN [who was at the Capitol along with Bresnahan, while Palmer was at her home nearby]: From a 30,000-foot point of view, [we] have been working in this building for more than a decade together, and so it would be like people coming into your house and terrorizing your home.

We need to cover her to to inform our readership of where the Republican Party is going.

You could be chasing shiny objects all day long, and I think we try to stay very focused on the leadership, the White House, the industries that are trying to influence them.

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