It’s easy for big business to dump the GOP now. Tax hikes will be the real test – CNN

Airbnb, Amazon (AMZN) , Verizon and CNN owner AT&T vowed not to give money to the 147 Republicans who tried, unsuccessfully, to overturn President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.

The steps underscore just how toxic the Trump brand has become after last week’s storming of the US Capitol.

The real test will come when Democrats, suddenly backed by a narrow majority in the US Senate, push raising corporate tax rates and introduce new regulation.

Comcast, UPS and AT&T hit pause — for now The 147 Republican lawmakers who objected to the Electoral College results have raised millions from Political Action Committees (PACs) directed by major companies and business groups.

Bloxham said it remains an open question whether the insurrection at the Capitol delivered a lasting lesson to corporate America, or merely a fleeting one.

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