Iranian government tried to recruit US hacker on LinkedIn – Business Insider

A US security expert says an Iranian official tried to recruit her as a hacker-for-hire on LinkedIn.

Chris Kubecka was offered more than $100,000 a month to aid Iran’s hacking, she told Insider.

Kubecka didn’t realize that her response to the LinkedIn message would kick off a yearslong campaign to recruit her as a hacker-for-hire and later — after Kubecka rebuffed those requests — to try to track down her physical location and intimidate her.

The LinkedIn connection request came from a man named Salman Joudaki, and once Kubecka accepted, he explained that he worked with the Telecommunication Company of Iran, the state-run organization overseeing the Iranian airwaves.

Joudaki said he wanted to hire Kubecka to give cybersecurity training to agency employees.

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