Houston Texans Head Coaching News: Matt Eberflus Turns Down Interview with the Houston Texans – Battle Red Blog

With Nick Caserio at the helm, making Deshaun Watson even more disgruntled with the way his employer does business, the Texans now look to hire a head coach.

Of those three, Brady is the only one likely to get a head coaching job this year; Lewis and Caldwell seem like Rooney Rule candidates at the moment.

The Texans recently put in a request to interview Colts defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus.

Part of Indy’s success was the fact that no one knew how great Darius Leonard, Kenny Moore, Anthony Walker, and Pierre Desir (who was pretty good, not great) were in 2018, but Eberflus has done a great job creating a man-match cover defense that gets the most out of the Colts’ talent and correctly incorporates the spare parts.

The offensive line is still terrible despite investing $32 million of cap space into it this season, along with two first round picks and two second round picks.

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