Hope springs eternal with Iowa’s 89th General Assembly – The Gazette

Knowing Iowa’s 88th general assembly (2019-2020) ended as a mind-boggling head-spinner, hope springs eternal when the 89th general assembly (2021-2022) convenes on Jan. 11.

The following measures did not pass due to some GOP legislators refuting their peers and/or by wisely working across the aisle with their Democratic colleagues: 1) using the Iowa Constitution to ban abortion, even in cases of rape or incest, 2) creating new barriers for kids and families who need food assistance and health care, 3) raising taxes on Iowans with fixed incomes to pay for another tax cut for the wealthy, 4) lowering unemployment benefits for workers displaced due to plant closure and 5) repealing the bottle bill.

Let’s hope Iowa’s legislators — on both sides of the aisle — show a little humanity and quickly act on these five measures.

Before 2016, Iowa ran a low operating cost (4-5 percent) health care insurance program that provided gold-standard care for ~800,000 low income and disabled citizens.

It’s worthy to know Iowa’s Revenue Estimating Conference expects a 3.7 percent increase in FY 2022 state revenue and $1.058 B (as in billion) of reserve and surplus funds is projected (Legislative Services Agency).

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