Hope dog kennel makes new request for home-based business permit – The Republic

HOPE — A Hope couple seeking to raise and sell dogs on acreage near Hope has filed a conditional use request for a permit to operate a home-based business involving dog breeding.

On Jan. 11, a conditional use request was filed with the Bartholomew County Planning Department by Aaron and Lena Oberholtzer of 9173 E. County Road 950N, Hope.

That summary will be made available for public inspection prior to the Oberholtzer’s appearance before the Bartholomew County Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) on Feb. 22.

Aaron Oberholtzer said the first exemption he’s seeking would allow his home-based business to not be adjacent to his house.

Today, responsible dog breeders should have purebred animals undergo physical evaluations from a young age, such as hearing tests for dachshund puppies and eye and hip examinations for English Springer Spaniels, in order to minimize the risk of hereditary congenital health problems in future generations, Irwin said.

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