Greece: Restrictions Reimposed in Athens After Case Spike – The National Herald

Greek authorities on Friday said they will reimpose tougher lockdown restrictions in greater Athens after a January decline in infection rates was reversed this week.

Plans to reopen high schools in Athens Monday have been limited to the first three grades, while older students will remain in online classes, officials from Greece’s Health Ministry and Civil Protection Agency said.

Greece registered 941 new coronavirus cases on Friday, of which 17 were identified at the country’s entry points, said the National Public Health Organization (EODY).

Infectious diseases specialist Vana Papaevangelou said that the rapid change in Attica region infections last week after three weeks of an improving set of data “is disturbing”.

During a live briefing with ministers and another committee member, also an infectious disease specialist, Magiorkinis said that in Europe 30 million people have been diagnosed as having been infected and 690,000 have died of Covid-19.

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