Godfrey business barrelling along – Alton Telegraph

A Godfrey man’s custom furniture business is barrelling along, and demand is so high that he will soon move into a larger space to accommodate the demand.

As the name implies, Jenkins sells used, White Oak distillery barrels, either unmodified or fashioned into planters, cabinets, tables, glass holders, and any kind of furniture that clients can imagine.

In 2010 a relative made Jenkins aware of two oak barrels that were being sold from the Dr. Pepper plant in St. Louis.

He has developed relationships with several large distilleries in Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, Ohio and elsewhere and buys the barrels in truckloads of up to 300 at a time.

Jenkins didn’t have a lot of woodworking experience when he rolled out the barrel for his new business, but noted that his wood-carving grandfather was an artist who created incredibly realistic figures in wood.

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