George Skelton: He fought Trump’s attacks on Obamacare. Now Xavier Becerra hopes to vanquish COVID-19 – LNP | LancasterOnline

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra scoffs at critics who claim he’s unqualified to be U. S. health secretary — and help vaccinate America — because he’s not a medical professional.

He was California’s first Latino state attorney general and, if confirmed as expected, will be the first Latino U. S. Health secretary.

Becerra spent more than 20 years on the House Ways and Means Committee dealing with health legislation, he said.

“I’ve spent a career working on health care,” he repeated. “Even when I’m not at the office, I have discussions about health care. My wife is a physician. She deals with risky pregnancies.”

Critics — mainly Republicans, but also some eye-rolling Democrats — contend that Becerra overdid it on Trump lawsuits and seemed obsessed, perhaps pandering to party activists.

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