Cypress business owner’s Christmas gift saves business – Houston Chronicle

1of3 Photo: Contributed by Greg Vogt / Macks Tenders2of3Photo: Contributed by Greg Vogt / Mack’s Tenders3of3Photo: Contributed by Greg Vogt / Mack’s Tenders.

Greg packed his bags and went back to New York to help settle his father’s estate and handle his final affairs.

The opening was successful and a week into the start of the business, his brother called him to tell him the devastating news he had been diagnosed with Stage 3 pancreatic cancer.

Vogt said he was stoked to know they were asking for additional information, but still wasn’t convinced he would be a recipient with so many others needing it as well.

The day after Christmas, a couple moving from California to Texas wanted to get into the restaurant business here and not knowing the circumstances of the day before, offered to buy his store.

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