‘Collingswood Prime’ Bike Service Delivers Small Business Goods to Local Shoppers – NJ Pen

In response, Collingswood Partners, the management arm of the borough Business Improvement District (BID) is launching a local delivery service designed to steer shoppers away from global retailers and back to the main streets of their community.

When customers order from a Collingswood business, Bloc Delivery will receive a notification, and will fulfill the order twice a week, on Tuesday and Thursday.

“The Farmers Market jumped on it, and it was awesome, but it was only needed for six-to-eight weeks until they could figure out how to space everything. “We had decided not to pursue New Jersey, and focus on Philadelphia,” Grega said, “and when Rebecca reached out, I said, ‘This is exactly what we were trying to do. ’”“We want this thing to grow and take off’. Occasionette owner Sara Villari said she’s “so excited” for the Collingswood Prime service to get off the ground. “I think it’s a really good common denominator” for local businesses, Villari said.

ExtraordinaryED store manager Henry Van Nostrand said she believes the service can help sustain local shopping by consolidating purchases from multiple businesses in a single delivery.

“It doesn’t make any sense to me why there’s any lines drawn as far as supporting and buying from local businesses. “It’s going to take time, but I do feel like we’re going in the right direction.”

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