Capitol Square re-opens; police prepare for 2021 General Assembly session –

Virginia’s Capitol Square reopened Thursday morning after police closed it Wednesday when a pro-Trump mob stormed the nation’s Capitol.

Macenka, said around 3 p.m. police closed the gates to Virginia’s Capitol Square out of an abundance of caution but opened them Thursday morning with no incidents.

Macenka said police planned to ramp up security around the Capitol in the coming days, but not necessarily due to Wednesday’s violence in D. C.”We are ramping up our operations, but it would be misleading to say that maybe it was a direct result of what happened yesterday,” said Macenka.

With that 2021 session on the way, and Lobby Day set for January 18, Macenka said Capitol Police were taking their responsibility to create a safe environment for people to have their voices heard very seriously.

He said police were prepared for any incidents, working closely with Richmond Police and Virginia State Police — but urged the public to choose peaceful methods of making their voices heard.

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