Business leaders want low latency, not speed, study finds – TechRepublic

More edge computing, an IDC study finds.

The body of the report itself lists “deterministic latency and distance limitations” as the third priority, being cited by 18.6% of respondents as a primary motivation for adopting edge computing.

While the number of businesses primarily concerned with latency may be low overall, that doesn’t mean it’s not important to them: 75% of respondents said they expect less than 5ms latency for edge applications, and another 14.8% said they need less than 10ms of latency.

IDC also predicts that by 2024 the number of apps at the edge will increase by 800%, and that by 2024, 75% of enterprises will “prioritize infrastructure agility and operational efficiency, leading to a five-times increase in the adoption of cloud-native architectures for core business applications.”

In short, the future of business isn’t centralized cloud servers: It’s a cloud-covered world in which computing is distributed as close to possible to its endpoints to eliminate latency and make real-time delivery of data as practical as possible.

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